Corporate Workplace Wellness Challenge

December 17, 2015

Five (5) Easy Steps to Corporate Workplace Wellness Challenges for Engagement.

by Laurel Walzak
August 14, 2015

One of the best corporate wellness activities ever initiated with the greatest engagement level occurred a few years ago. I joined my fellow colleagues in the corporate boardroom for a 3pm stretch. It was all of 15 minutes to a Richard Simmons Video (LINK and SOURCE: Richard Simmons leads Fun Stretches for Desk Workers via @YouTube).  We all showed up, we all laughed our heads off, we all stretched and we all went back to our desks happier and ready to get back to work.  Here are words to describe the experience: workplace satisfaction; positive mood; and simply team fun! 

And so, here are some steps to creating your Active Corporate Culture - Create Challenges for Engagement!

1.  Create a Health & Wellness Committee

2.  Create the Corporate Challenge

Decide if the challenge is between the individual employees or a team of employees to compete.

Define the category for the challenge for example:

  • Physical Activity - 10,000 steps a day, mid-afternoon stretch in a boardroom, stake the stairs, walk at lunch, stand during lunch
  • Nutrition - Drinking water vs. pop or juice, skip the food court and bring healthy lunch to work, fruit and vegetable Fridays or healthy snacks only at your desk
  • General Health - Weight loss, attend a lunch and learn seminar on health related topics, only speak positive for the day
  • Create Your Own - Brainstorm and create your own category

Pick the challenge and get ready to compete for bragging rights!

    3.  Incent for Participation

    Encourage participation throughout entire organization.  There are no limits to who can be involved and be inclusive.  Incent for participation

    • Monetary - Sign up and receive your own health and wellness gift under $10.00 items (athletic socks, stretching bands, corporate branded water bottle), Gift certificate for local grocery store for health food, Earn tickets for a grand prize draw
    • Non-Monetary - Set a goal for 80%+ participation = All company jean or casual Fridays

    4.  Reward for Effort and Success

    • Monetary - Gift Certificates from health partners, ask wellness and health partners to donate prizes
    • Non-Monetary - All company jean Friday, certificate/ medal and ceremony presentation to put the lunch room for individual or team bragging rights, decorate your office or cubicle to celebrate the winning employee or team

    5.  Have FUN and Create Another Challenge

    Do not stop at one challenge, plan for the year!  Reap the positive benefits associated with employee wellness.

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